Jakub Janek

Arduino parallelism or multitasking


As I written once before in arduino can do more than one thing at a time (not really). System that I use can be parallel or serial which means it can do more than one thing at a time or can be set that after certaing task it will change the task to someth

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Creation of documents in Latex or how to avoid MS Word


Writing and editing documents is always a life changing experience. Styling titles, moving images without braking text. My head spins even if I only think about it. Lately I started to write more and more documents, some for school some for people I care

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Structure of modern web


Modern web is in my opinion largest platform ever. Web apps are everywhere, in proffesional sphere as a Slack or as a social network app like Instagram or Facebook. Some developers use Electron apps for developing (VSCode or Atom).

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