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Creation of documents in Latex or how to avoid MS Word


Writing and editing documents is always a life changing experience. From styling of a titles to moving images without braking text. My head spins even if I only think about it. Lately I started to write more and more documents, some for school some for people I care about. Even editing someones thesis is real pain.

Recently I started to watch Luke Smith and not only his ricing videos (videos about changing a look of operating system) but also his R Markdown and Latex videos. He is a linguist so I really trust him in these things.

I fired up my PC, opened a vim text editor, download a 404 MB texlive installation (for real, it's only compiler and it's that big) and started to experiment a bit. For starters I didn't like the syntax at all. It's weird to use curly brackets in markup language. (My favorite data markup language is JSON (real weird)). Just start with some document class, title, author and let the creation begin. This is loosely based on my documentation for years project from school.

\title{Electronic pupils book}
\author{Jakub Janek 3.E}

I must say that it is not good for Slovak users. Curly brackets and backslash are really things we hate. But for classic user, this is okay.

There are good things, which I was really surprised about, there is itemize which is really an unsorted list and textit which makes text italic, or textbf which makes text bold.

  \item{Database abstraction (based on Drupal 7),}
  \item{router which is based on \textbf{Model-View-Controller}.}

I personally think that it's worth it, adding images is simple, numbering a page is quite simple too. Documentation is well written in English and it's better alternative for writing a thesis than MS Word. Peace.

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