Jakub Janek

Structure of modern web


Modern web is in my opinion largest platform ever. Web apps are everywhere, in proffesional sphere as a Slack or as a social network app like Instagram or Facebook. Some developers use Electron apps for developing (VSCode or Atom).

It surely has some advantages (portability) and it is clearly visible that web is better then ever.

But one thing is really making me angry and that is a structure of web. It is not set. It is weird, full of components, divs which are useless. Purpose of web has really changed in years. From information giving to a social networking or company or individual presentation.

We are using the same technologies as 15 years ago with some improvements and a lot more computing power. It makes us lazy. Unoptimized websites are everywhere, and web devs are getting lazy.

I am personally trying to make a structure of website okay and meaningful but it is hard. Lot of functionality is get from 3rd parties. The best website are easy and not heavy. See Wikipedia.

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